Clash of Avatars- Server Merge On June 9, 2017
June 8th, 2017 - 05:46 EST

Dear players,

After collecting players' ideas on the server merge and evaluating the server dates, we decide to merge some servers on 9th June, 2017 03:00 AM EDT/08:00 AM UTC+1.

Server will be shut down for 2 hours. Please go offline ahead of schedule and plan your playing time.Sorry for any inconvenience caused and thanks for your support.


The following servers to be merged are:

US East

S1 &S2 &S4 &S5 &S8 &S9 &S11 &S12 &S14 &S15 &S17 &S20 &S21 &S23 &S24 &S33 &S34 &S37 &S39 will be merged together.

S18 &S25 &S27 &S30 &S43 &S44 &S46 &S48 &S51 &S54 &S56 &S58 &S59 &S61 &S62 &S64 &S65 will be merged together.


S3 &S6 &S10 &S13 &S16 &S19 &S22 &S26 &S29 &S32 &35 will be merged together.

S38 &S40 &S45 &S49 &S52 &S55 &S60 &S66 will be merged together.



S7 &25 &S41 &S47 &S50 &S53 &S57 &S63 will be merged together.




1 Log in

Players should log in game on original server. 


2 Recharge

Players should recharge on original server. And the diamonds will be sent to your original server too.


3 Ranking reset

After merging, the ranking will be reset and all the titles of ranking will be recalled.


4 Merging Compensation

All players of the four servers will get a merging gift in mail after servers merging.

Clash of Avatars Ops Team

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