1.How many classes in CoA? The genders?
There are 3 classes in CoA: Warrior, Mage and Priest. All of the class can choose male or female.

2.How many kinds of currencies in CoA?
There are many different kinds of currencies in CoA, like: Diamond, Voucher, Gold, Honor Point, Courage Point, Conquest Point and Justice Point. .

3.Can we dance in CoA?
Yes! We can dance in game. Funk, K-pop, Poppin, Jazz and Gangnam Style are available. You can restore HP and MP by dancing, but cannot dance during battles.

4.Can I have AFK in game?
Yes, you can, you can find auto-fight and auto-path in game. And you can cancel them if you like, just so easy!

5.Do I need to clear dungeons again and again for gears?
No, you don’t. All gears of all classes in CoA are growable. You don’t need to clear dungeons or kill monsters for different gears. Just need to cost gold and spirit to promote them, enhance them and enchant them. They will become higher level and more powerful.

6.How many ways to upgrade the gears?
There are 4 ways to upgrade gears: Promote, enhance, enchant and socket.

7.What about the potions?
There are 5 different potions in CoA now.
HP Potion: Restore HP immediately.
MP Potion: Restore MP immediately.
ATK Potion: Increase ATK by 20%, lasts 15 sec.
DEF Potion: Increase DEF by 20%, lasts 15 sec.
Skill Potion: Reset all skills CD.

8.What about Avatars?
There are more than 60 kinds of Avatars. Each of them can advance your attributes in different ways. What’s more, you can get couple bonus if you activate the certain groups of Avatars. Believe me, they all have their own personality.

9.What’s the Zodiac?
There are three stages of Zodiac: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Lighting up zodiac requires Gold, Star Ash, and Spirit. The lit up zodiacs will permanently increase character attributes. From Aries to Pisces, why not light up your constellation to the final stage?

10.Can I recall what I forgot to claim? Absolutely. In Hot Event, you can use gold to recall 60% resource, or use diamond to recall 100% resource. Besides, you can even recall your offline stamina. There are 4 kinds of recall modes for Stamina Recall, VIP 0 or above can recall 5 stamina points from Normal Recall.

11.How to increase my B.R.?
There are many ways to increase your B.R..
For example, activate more Avatars and upgrade their level, socket your gears with colorful gems, collect powerful mounts and put them into your Mount Form, equip yourself with beautiful and mighty wings, upgrade your runes and so forth.

12.What if I want much gold?
Don’t worry. Have you noticed the Gold Bank? It is always the best choice for you. When you find gold is insufficient, open your Gold Bank, you have chances to slay goblins in their goldfield, or destroy Demon Statue, or obtain gold by Midas Touch. Besides, by killing the World Boss, collecting Goddess Blessing, enjoying all kinds of hot events, you will get rewards rather than gold.


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